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Old Warns Appeal - Pumpkin Boy ツ - 12-05-2019

Staff members involved/staff who issued the warn: A lot.

Your In-Game Name : Diglet
Steam ID : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198846931156/
Reasons for being unbanned : Well all of my warns are old warns and since I have came back too the server I have received 0 warns and followed everything single rule. While still being an extremely active member of the server. So I think I should be given a chance too have my old warns removed and have a fresh slate. 
Evidence : None.

RE: Old Warns Appeal - Doot - 16-05-2019

Aren’t warns permanent?

RE: Old Warns Appeal - Ru$t - 20-06-2019


All of your warns are very old and being you haven't received any since those were given, they'll be removed.