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NOOBfullXD - Staff Aplication - NOOBfullXD - 06-06-2019

In-game Name: NOOBfullXD
Steam ID (STEAM_1:0:00000000): STEAM_1:1:198493262
Age: 17
Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) : 15/05/2002
Time zone: GMT+0
Discord name (Name#0000): NOOBfullXD#2216
Estimated Server Time: 895hour

How many hours can you staff on the server per day?
Ill be able to staff at least 1hour/day. And it can get up to 6hours+.

What times can you be on?
I can be on during all week.
Estimated time is: from 10AM up to 10PM+ (Daily)

Why do you want to become Staff?: 
I enjoy playing on the server, helping out new players, making friends, enjoying the experience of JungleRp and being a part in this community.
Moreover, I want to become a staff member so I can be able to help the server, and hopefully, I will be good as a staff member and be a part of an awesome staff team.

Do you have a mic?
Yes,I do.

Why do you think you personally should become Staff?: 
-         As a player, I really enjoy playing on the server and interacting with other players, which make me want to help the server so everyone could enjoy a proper experience of JungleRp.
 Staffing is one of the few things that interest me, and so I’m willing to learn everything that could make me improve as a staff member, and avoid falling in the same mistakes.

Any Staff experience from other games?: 

In-Game Scenarios:

  • A player tells you that someone is making money while they have a building sign up. What do you do and why?
-        I will teleport to the player who made the report ( !goto player ) and ask him where is the base of the suspect ( if he didn’t include a name in the report, else I will use !spectate (suspect name) and check his base).
Then I’ll go outside of It to check if it have a building sign up, then I will noclip into his base and look for money-making entities. If he had printers/job entities, I will ask him gently to remove either of the money-making entities or the building sign.
If he understands that and showed immediately a respond (pocketed printers/ removed job entities/removed the building sign) (will check him again in 5-10mins in case something wasn’t clear to him), I’ll close the sit and teleport to the player who made the report and tell him that suspect is fixing it.
-         If the suspect showed carelessness, I will repeat all what I said (the issue why he got reported and how to fix it), and in case he didn’t change anything in 5mins, I will teleport to him and talk with him about what he has done.
Then I will have to warn him for FailRP if he left while I am talking to him (disconnected by user) ill ban him for LTAP, if I didn’t find anything in logs that show that he disconnected on purpose, then ill warn him by using his Steam ID for FailRP.
  • Player X hits player Y for 1 point of armor damage and player Y kills player X.Player X reports RDM, what do you do and why?
-         I would bring both players to a sitbox (using !menu or ulx command ,!bring if there is only a few players on the server with no repeated name characters) and ask each one from his side of the story.
-         In the first case, player X may cross-fired/miss-clicked, which cause him to deal damage to player Y, and simply player Y defended himself.
 So what I will do is explain to player X that wasn’t an RDM even if he didn’t mean to shoot the player Y , and he adverted “ missclick / crossfire” , player Y may have seen him adverting that in chat and he just defended himself.
-         In the second case, Player Y is a hitman and Player X is his target, player Y missed his first shot and player X saw him trying to shoot him, but player Y takes him down as soon he shot back.
Things went fast to player X so he may not saw the “Hit completed by player Y” , so I would explain to him how that not RDM, and how it was a Hit requested.
-         Then I will end the sit, and return both players (!return @).
  • Player X calls player Y a (whatever horrible insult comes to mind) over voice. Player Y asks for an admin for disrespect, what do you do and why?
-          I would bring the player who made the report first and ask him for an explanation (from when he saying whatever he saying and if he knows the reason why he doing that) and if he able to provide me with any video proof, then I will bring the suspect to take an action.
-         If he has a proof I’ll take action on how bad is the insult ,If it racist I would warn him for racism ,If it bad the much it would hurt the feelings of the other player, I would warn the suspect for harassment (I will spectate the suspect in case he had no intention to role-play and insulting everyone) .
Else if it just a random word (not racist) in a random moment, I would give the suspect only a verbal.
-         If he Doesn’t have any proof,I will ask him about what was the insult about, then I will give the suspect a verbal warning, and tell them to keep a space between them to avoid troubles ( I may spectate both of the reporter and the reported).
-         Then I will end the sit.
  • 3 players report player X for RDM but you cannot find the player in question, what do you do and why
-         I would look at the suspect job when he killed the reporters and last his adverts, if it was a counter by him / was a PD, I would bring each one at time and explain to them then close the sit and proceed to the other person.
If it was a raid ill see how close were these people to the place of the raid, in case they were a threat to the suspect, With all of them being in same squad/party.
 So KOSing a member of the squad will make the suspect KOSed by the other members for the next 30sec so he may just done a self-defense.
-         In another case, if I could not find a reason made the suspect KOS more than three people, I would check his damage logs, and kills logs, also will check in case he changed his name or if he left the server, if he left the server, I would bring one of the reporters and ask for what happened.
If he just killed people randomly and left, I would ban him for MRDM-LTAP by using his Steam ID.
If he changed his name I would tp jail him, and ask him for explanation to what he did, and why he changed his name right after that happened, if he could give me a logical reason (while following rules) that made him kill the 3 persons, I would unjail him and bring each reporter and explain what happened.
If he left while being jailed, I will ban him for MRDM-LTAP.
-         Then ill close all the sits related to this person.
  • A player accidentally crossfires someone in a raid and the player that got crossfired calls an admin for RDM, what do you do and why?
-         I would wait for the suspect until he finishes his raid, then I will bring both players to a sitbox, then ask the suspect for a reason why he killed him, I would also check death position in logs, and damage logs.
-         If I came to the conclusion of the player was walking by and he was shot at, I would give both players a verbal.
Tell the suspect to be more careful with his shots, and tell the other player to be more careful where he goes from, since if he walked on the front of the suspect who trying to kill the owner of the base there is a high chance that he will get crossfired.
-         If the player was shot at while being far away from the suspect, I would check the damage logs and adverts (in case the player adverted counter), if he shot him only once before the player dies (the player was at low hp already).
Then I would refund the player in case he lost something, and give the suspect a verbal warning to be more careful.
-         Then I will end the sit and return both players.

RE: NOOBfullXD - Staff Aplication - Ikareru - 09-06-2019

Accepted. I'll give you another chance, this time your mentor will be Anger.