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PopPorn Staff Application - PopPorn - 08-09-2019

  • In-game Name: PopPorn

  • Steam ID (STEAM_1:0:00000000): STEAM_0:1:88071384

  • Age: 15

  • Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) : Febuary 24, 2004

  • Timezone: Eastern Daylight Time 

  • Discord name (Name#0000): Big Throbbing Cutie #4141

  • Estimated Server Time: 30 hours
How many hours can you staff on the server per day? 9 Hours a day

What times can you be on? From 2 pm to 11 pm about everyday

Why do you want to become Staff?: I just got back from taking a break from the game because everyone gets tired of something when they've been doing it for days on end. This was the first server I joined and I absolutely love the community and staff on the server. This server apart from all the other servers I was staff on in the past is something I think I could handle being on the staff team for. I enjoy the role of staff and getting to help people; especially if that means taking the situation head on or being thrown into a situation. Letting other people enjoy their time on the server as much as anyone else is a motivator for me. Sometimes I get on servers solely to just to become a "Staff on Duty" and help the server run smoothly. I am work great under pressure, but also keep calm and professional dealing with problems as they arise while also keeping the positive image of the server to everyone else that plays on it. Adding that I work well as a Team Leader and work well with a Team (In this cause the staff team). Some of these skills I have picked up are from my School classes. But no one is perfect and I will say that I need to work on time management or getting to things in a timely manor (This is more specific to getting on Garry's Mod then dealing with sits). But this shouldn't be that much of a problem for the time being.

Do you have a mic? Y
es and i plan to use it

Why do you think you personally should become Staff?: I'm a very unbiased person i believe that everyone gets a second chance no matter what kind of person they are. Lets be real i understand and follow all the rules and believe that this is a great server and i wish to be apart of the staff team.

Any Staff experience from other games?: Yes i was staff on a lot of minecraft servers such as skittle mc and was staff on a lot of gmod servers : TTTFun i was a senior administrator (helped with forms and trained new staff)  Darkness RP i was a moderator and was staff on ice fuse (probably one of the worst staff experiences of my life)

In-Game Scenarios:
  • A player tells you that someone is making money while they have a building sign up. What do you do and why?
    I would go into vanish and investigate, if the player in question doesn't have any raidables id call the player who made the accusation and ask if they saw what it was, if they say no i would drop the case. If on the other hand the player did have raidables i would tell that player they cannot have a building sign out while having raidables and ask them to remove it. If they player is giving me a hard time i would warn them for Fail RP.
  • Player X hits player Y for 1 point of armor damage and player Y kills player X.
    Player X reports RDM, what do you do and why? 
    I would bring and explain to player X that player Y's kill was justified because you did start a death match with them, it doesn't matter how much damage you did to them, you still did damage.
  • Player X calls player Y a (whatever horrible insult comes to mind) over voice. Player Y asks for an admin for disrespect, what do you do and why? First I would start by bringing Player X to a controlled space (Some place they cant leave easily) and freeze/jail them if they refuse to stop moving. After mobility is dealt with I would explain to the player why I brought them up into a sit; explaining that the slurs and other excessive profanity is not permitted on this server (A verbal warning). If he is to do it again he will be warned and gagged/muted for a short period of time while being retold the same thing from the first verbal warning. Depending on the severity of the slurs and swearing if they cease to stop in the time it takes them to get 3 !warns (Which should equal a kick). The next step would obviously be a ban. Nothing to hefty, just something to get them off the server for a few hours to a day.
  • 3 players report player X for RDM but you cannot find the player in question, what do you do and why
    I first bring all 3 players and ask if the players know player X's name if they tell me a name i check logs and see if a player with that name changed it to something else recently or if they left. If they had left i ban there steam ID for a respectful amount of time for Mass RDM. If they had changed their name i bring that player and question why he was killing other players. Once the interrogating is complete i warn the player for Mass RDM.
  • A player accidentally crossfires someone in a raid and the player that got crossfired calls an admin for RDM, what do you do and why?
    I first check logs to see if it was a valid crossfire and not just RDM, if it is infact RDM I bring both players after the raid is over and explain to the player raiding that you cant just kill someone and advert crossfire and i will warn him for RDM. If on the other case it is a valid crossfire, i explain to the player who got killed that they were raiding and i can't really do anything about the fact that you got in the way.
Any other info about Yourself: My name is Brendan i'm 15 years old and a freshman that lives in Florida. A lot of people call me Pop because of my IGN i'm extremely interested in naval aeronautics and technology. I play Xbox sometimes and and a lot of computer games. I mostly use my computer to play Gmod, KSP, Minecraft and alot more sandbox games. I am able to keep calm in stressful and aggravating situations. One of my favorite hobbies are building and flying RC planes.

RE: PopPorn Staff Application - Ikareru - 09-09-2019

Denied. VAC ban too recent, the length must be at least 180 days or older.