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Failbase Warn Request - KrypticKat - 31-10-2019

Your Name : KrypticKat
Your SteamID : STEAM_0:0:26320950

Offenders Name :  musket
Offenders SteamID :  STEAM_0:0:67032328

Evidence (REQUIRED) : https://imgur.com/a/PlkmvLk

Describe what happened : So I raided someone, ended up firstly going into a false door/room. Then proceeded to see they had approximately 8 fading doors that I was able to spot. I wasnt able to make it through the entire base since the last door I encountered made it so the keypad hacker was out of reach. I decided to confront the person on the situation and they admitted to knowing what they did and that they didnt care.

Do you agree that if you take down any evidence within the report you will be punished : Yes.

I realize I did this wrong now, my apologies. Will fix it.

RE: Failbase Warn Request - Anger - 31-10-2019


Player clearly has over 3 fading doors and when confronted about it, he showed no intent on changing it.