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old warns - poptato - 08-02-2020

Staff members involved/staff who issued the warn: alot i guess 

Your In-Game Name : ostepopkid 
Steam ID :  STEAM_1:0:96124140
Reasons for being unwarned : they are some old warns that i want to remove and i think some of them are false like the one with jaffacake and most of them is pretty old and i want them removed 
Evidence : i dont have but you can check my warns 

RE: old warns - Anger - 09-02-2020


You do have some old warnings, that's true, but the reason why you're not getting them removed is because you keep getting warned, meaning you haven't learned from them. As of right now, you're standing at 4 active warns.
Prove that you know rules and then try again.