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Staff Application | Play Rank - Play Rank - 25-03-2020

  • In-game Name: Play Rank

  • Steam ID (STEAM_1:0:00000000): STEAM_0.1:446763851

  • Age: 15

  • Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) : 02/05/04
  • Timezone: GMT/BST

  • Discord name (Name#0000): Play Rank#1078
  • Server Time (!mytime ingame) : 26h 3m 22s

How many hours can you staff on the server per day? Since the UK is currently under lockdown For A Unknown Period Of Time, I Would Think Around 17-19hrs Per Day 

What times can you be on? I am hoping From 10:00-03:00, there may be a day where I fall asleep earlier.

Why do you want to become Staff?: I would love to become a staff member in this amazing community as I have seen the downs of the server at later times when no staff is on and I wish to keep the server monitored almost 24/7 for better RP's and better gameplay experiences.

Do you have a mic? I do, it is not a great mic so I will soon be getting a new one for clearer communication.

Why do you think you personally should become Staff?: I believe i should personally become a staff member of this great community as i have the experience, the understanding and the ability to be a great administrator and keep the server running smoothly.

Any Staff experience from other games?: I have 3 years staff experience in Gtarp (Console and FiveM) and I use to run a Rust RP Server for 9 months before I left and transferred ownership

In-Game Scenarios:

  • A player tells you that someone is making money while they have a building sign up. What do you do and why? I would go the the user earning the money and explain to them that it is against the rules to earn money with a building sign. If they are understanding and do something about the situation, I would possibly let they go. If they are quite aggressive, I would use the necessary discipline actions to solve the situation.
  • Player X hits player Y for 1 point of armor damage and player Y kills player X. Player X reports RDM, what do you do and why? I would check the logs to see what fully happened, then I would check if it was a missclick. If not, then it would not be classed as RDM but as Self-Defence and I would explain that fully towards both of the users

  • Player X calls player Y a (whatever horrible insult comes to mind) over voice. Player Y asks for an admin for disrespect, what do you do and why? If I was there to hear it, I would then use the disciplin actions for the respected rule broken. If I was not there to hear it, I would let both of the users know that I can not punish without evidence or without a staff being a witness of the offence and I would suggest for them to both stay away from each other for a while. I would also follow the accused for a small amount of time to see if he/she does break any rules.
  • 3 players report player X for RDM but you cannot find the player in question, what do you do and why? I would check the logs to see who killed who, where they were killed and if there is any adverts in logs. If they were in the right to kill the user(s) I would explain that fully towards them and why there in the right. If they were in the wrong, I would use the necessary disciplin actions for RDM or MRDM depending on how many killed.
  • A player accidentally crossfires someone in a raid and the player that got crossfired calls an admin for RDM, what do you do and why? I would check if they advertised crossfire, if not I would very simply check if it was an accident and if they were not ment to RDA the victim. If everyone is cool, I would give a verbal 'heads up' and let them both go. If the victim asks for it, I would heal them back up.

RE: Staff Application | Play Rank - Anger - 25-03-2020


Terrible app. Scenarios are wrong, the app itself is a mess and I found the part where you said that you could staff up to 19 hours a day funny. So you're planning on sleeping 5 hours a day? That's not good, especially for a 15 year old.

RE: Staff Application | Play Rank - Ikareru - 27-03-2020

Denied. Very low effort.