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Infamous's Staff Application - Infamous - 27-03-2020

  • In-game Name: Infamous

  • Steam ID (STEAM_1:0:00000000): STEAM_0:1:62863283

  • Age: 18

  • Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) : 28/08/2001

  • Timezone: GMT

  • Discord name (Name#0000): Infamous_Trader#1616
How many hours can you staff on the server per day? 8 Hours a day I am able to do maybe more depending on my work hours.

What times can you be on? I mostly come on 5 - 11 pm GMT unless I am not working which means I am on from normally 10 am - 11 or 12 PM GMT

Why do you want to become Staff?:  I would like to become staff as I have been staff on many servers before and this server has been very kind to me and willing to help whenever I need it so I would love to help out too. Also because I am very experienced as a staff member from my past communities that I have owned and I am willing to share all my skills that I have to others if requested. I feel that I would fit very well into this staff team and would be an amazing member of the team and I would do anything to join this awesome group of people.

Do you have a mic? Yes, I do.

Why do you think you personally should become Staff?:  I think I should become staff because I am very well skilled and have always been a very fair admin although I am a serious roleplayer at times if I am doing RP events or something like that. I have been on many other communities and to be honest, I don't see many communities like this one often as many of them are horrible and their staff have become extremely rude over the years of being open but this one I can see has a different vibe and is willing to do what they can to keep the players happy and that's what I am all about.

Any Staff experience from other games?:  Yes as I have said I have been staff before on many servers. Also, I have been staff on TF2 servers which included trading servers and VSH servers. I have also been staff on a few Minecraft and unturned servers which were all roleplay based servers so I do have my fair share of skills.

In-Game Scenarios:
  • A player tells you that someone is making money while they have a building sign up. What do you do and why? I would simply either spectate the person in question or cloak and check myself if this is true then I would warn the person for the valid reason and keep a close eye on them until next time also make sure either the building sign gets deleted or the money printer goes before I leave.
  • Player X hits player Y for 1 point of armor damage and player Y kills player X. Player X reports RDM, what do you do and why? I would simply TP both of them to me and explain what I can see in the logs and calmly explain that Player X did hit Player Y first now in this case Player Y could count this as a self-defence act but as this is a 1 damage unit then there is nothing to report so, unfortunately, I cannot warn anyone for an "RDM" case.

  • Player X calls player Y a (whatever horrible insult comes to mind) over voice. Player Y asks for an admin for disrespect, what do you do and why? I would TP them both to me and explain what the report is for and why. I would then ask if there is any recording of this if not then I would not be able to do much as it was over voice chat unless the person agreed to do the horrible insult. If they then did capture it on a recording and passed it to me I would then send it to the person being reported for evidence and warn him for the valid reason.
  • 3 players report player X for RDM but you cannot find the player in question, what do you do and why I would check the logs as they might have left just to avoid punishment if so this would then be passed over to a higher ranking staff member who can ID ban and send over everything I have for the cases and help with whatever I can until the issue has been resolved. Also, I would go to the 3 players and let them know that we are dealing with Player X.
  • A player accidentally crossfires someone in a raid and the player that got crossfired calls an admin for RDM, what do you do and why? I would TP both people and explain the situation and find out what was happening at the time. Then I would ask if they were meant to shoot the person and if they said no I am sorry and it was a simple crossfire I would see if the person would accept and apology if so then the case would be closed if not then I would mainly hand out a verbal warning as to state they need to watch where they are firing unless they have been wanted before this for crossfire or RDM.

RE: Infamous's Staff Application - LEWISm1th - 27-03-2020

you do not meet the time required on the server

RE: Infamous's Staff Application - TMonkeyT - 28-03-2020

You somehow missed the "Server Time (!mytime ingame) : " question, I see why though as you only have 6.7 hours ingame.