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Ffogzy's warn appeal - Ffogzy - 25-05-2020

Staff members involved/staff who issued the warn: TBUndercover

Your In-Game Name :Ffogzy

Steam ID :

Reasons for being unwarned Confusedo basically i had this crowbar prop and each time i hit it against a wall it makes this noise and it made the screen shake i kept hitting it off the wall untill tb told me to stop but i moved away from his base and took a different prop that made noise but didnt screen shake but it did make some smoke and then tb grabs me with his physgun and puts me against the wall and jails me telling me that he told me to stop which i basically did i just used a different prop that didnt screen shake then he told me that the smoke from the prop crashes ppl with low end pc and i have one and it didnt crash me so i was like ok and he warns me for ignoring staff.

Evidence :none

RE: Ffogzy's warn appeal - [COE] The_Bad_Undercover - 26-05-2020

The second prop you switched to also shakes the world. Thats how i know you continued doing it a minute after you was told to stop.
I also said smoke and sparks can cause some low end pc's to crash. (the game crashes not the pc itself)
The reason for the warn was that 1-2 minutes after you where told to stop hitting props against the wall like that you switch to another prop and do the same thing.

RE: Ffogzy's warn appeal - Ffogzy - 26-05-2020

it didnt make my screen shake so i didnt know it made anyone elses sharpzy didnt say anything about it either so i though it did screen shake

RE: Ffogzy's warn appeal - Anger - 26-05-2020


It's a very insignificant reason to warn someone over, even if you've told him to stop.