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Server Rules - Ikareru - 06-04-2019

=Jungle Server rules=

Global Rules 
- We are an English-only server, using other languages for any reason could result in a kick.
- Please do not bring up controversial religious/political viewpoints. Keep this either off the server or privately.
- No NSFW content
- Please do not do anything that will harm or exploit the server.
- Do not spam in chat. This does include ear rape
- Do not instigate (taunting/baiting someone on purpose to make them break the rules)
- Common Sense is required, Staff online may use their judgement to decide if a punishment is needed.
- No scamming
- You cannot use external assistance this means no macros or auto clickers etc.
- Do not react to a rule break with another rule break. This means that if someone breaks NLR do not RDM them, just make a report
- No impersonation on the forums, or trolling of any kind, this includes taking someone else's signature even IF modified.
- There is NO Terror on this server. Any player that completes a terror act will be warned for RDM/MRDM
- No racism
- No hatred towards
religious groups (Nazi Symbolism etc.)
- No harassment (
continuously targeting someone on purpose and/or following them around non stop with no intent other than to annoy or demean)
- If you leave while being raided purposefully, then you must wait at least 30 minutes before returning, if you're found to be abusing this to avoid losing
valuables, you will be punished.
- If you destroy
valuables while being raided to avoid other players taking your valuables, you will be punished, pocketing valuables and running away with them is fine.
- You cannot use alts.
- Do NOT advertise anything. This includes other Discord's, Servers, Youtube Channels etc.
- No entities in the vector casino.
- Don't encourage/try to trick people into leaving the server.
- Any form of what we deem to be
"defamation" against our server/platform is a warnable/bannable offense.
- Any form of plagiarism against our server will result in an instant community ban
- Staff have the final say on situations that they don't think follow the games rules or flow of RP.

General Rules
- Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch). This is when you kill or damage a player without a valid Role Play reason
- No breaking NLR (Using information from a past life or returning to the same area within 3 mins.)
- Do not Metagame (Using OOC intel in RP)
- Do not spam Textscreens or microphone
- Do not break FearRP (This means don't break out of restraints)
- There is NO betrayal on this server
- False demotions are against the rules, any demotions that are given must be given with a proper reason.
- Do not destroy peoples items unless you are raiding. You can announce raid to destroy people's mines.
- Spawn is defined as the area before the start of the three tunnels that lead to dark area/slums/PD respectively.
- If you are shot by someone, you may shoot back, but you must make sure the target you're returning fire to is the one that shot you.
- You may only use a tip jar when not a Hobo for trading purposes, you CANNOT use it to beg/ask for money unless you're a hobo, if you break this rule, your tip jar can be destroyed by anyone, and multiple repeat offenses may result in a warn.
- Don't destroy something someone owns unless you have adverted raid/steal etc. This includes Hobo props and items, hobo's cannot be raided so their property cannot be destroyed.
- You cannot randomly shoot peoples bases
- You cannot use all black text and you cannot use any text that is deemed too difficult to see in adverts
- You cannot walk around with textscreens

- You can't get a job with the intent to sell it (selling it later after you're done is fine)
- Do not raid someone if you know they're in a sit
- Do not use any techniques that allow you to afk entities/money making methods, you must be present, playing the game to earn money
- Anyone interacting with the vector dealer is KOS (They glow red)
- No using a dance bind/script to dance constantly
- Real money trades are not allowed in any form
- If a printer goes into an "unknown" state then it must be destroyed, use of a printer that is "unknown" is against server rules
- Killiing/arresting for people killing gang/party members/committing crimes can only happen within 30 seconds after the action has taken place, if the person involved hasn't died after that time you may not kill/arrest them.
- If you send items to someone who doesn't want to recieve them, you may be warned/kicked
- There is no RP in the casino, this means no mugging, kidnapping etc. This includes hits, so even if your target is in the casino, you may not kill them.
- Do not third-person abuse (looking through walls, setting camera distance to look through everything etc.) If you're found to be doing this it's an instant warn.

- Do not bait with items just to kill someone, an example of this would be spawning a hoverboard just to kill someone for getting on, or dropping money and killing them for it.
- Don't spam drop money.
- Do not attempt to loophole around rules
- You cannot sell weapons for more than $500,000 unless it is a permanent weapon or a speciality weapon.

Adverting Rules
- ALL Crimes must be advertised (These are Raiding, Mugging or Kidnapping)
- PD raid must be adverted specifically, you cannot advert just raid
- Adverting can be done with /advert
- Do not use multi-purpose adverts (Example - /advert Mug 10k or die, Raid, Bank Raid ect.) in the same advert
- KOS near is allowed, but you must only kill people that pose a threat to your action, do not kill random people just because  they're "near"
- When warning a player you must have a valid reason to do so
- You must advert steal
- You may steal every 5 minutes, 10 minutes for the same person
- If warning someone with a weapon drawn, they may shoot you on the third warn even if you haven't attacked yet.
- Adverts are public information, for example a hit advert will be known the the police, and they can arrest you for it.
- You may pull a weapon out for a mug/kidnap etc IF you have a weapon holstered on your back, but not if it's in your inventory/pocket
- To Raid/Counter you must be within the district that contains the base. This means that you couldn't shoot from beach to slums as an example.

Counter Rules
- ALL Counters must be adverted
- Anyone can counter anyone, but you may not counter a counter
- Government officials do not have to advert Counter

Gang Rules/Party
- You may only kill people in the gang flag area if you are in it yourself
- You cannot walk in and out of the no collided props to abuse the wall blocking bullets, abuse of this will result in a warn
- If someone walks into the gang flag area and shoots you, you may walk outside the gang flag area and kill them.
- The KoS zone is marked by the red and black area, anyone in this area may be KoS'd if you are also in it yourself
- You cannot spam interact on the gang flag to make the message appear in chat multiple times
- You cannot tap the gang flag and run, you must commit to the capture
- If you are in the same PARTY/GANG you can defend the person being shot at/arrested without an advert
- You can only KOS different gangs and their members if both sides have agreed to a war
- Wars can last for a maximum of 15 minutes, and cannot be initiated for at least an HOUR, this goes for BOTH sides of the war
- Gang impersonation is not allowed, if a staff member tells you to change it you must, if it continues you will be warned.
- Each assist/raid announce must be separate
- You cannot build around gang flags

- Sub gangs/divsions of a main gang are not allowed.
- Splitting parties/gang members apart to raid someone multiple times in a short time frame isn't allowed
- You cannot raid with more than 7 people
- Any gang caught using multiple gangs/divisions will have all related gangs deleted and every player in those gangs warned
- No slave/worker operations within your gang, gang members must not be used as slaves or take part in slave like activity
- If you die at one gang flag, your NLR timer applies to all gang flags (KOTH is not included, just regular NLR applies)

Building Rules

- Bases/constructions must be modified if a Staff deems the base as unfair.
- No glow/worldglow
- You can't build around NPC's / Ore Nodes
- When building, a building sign must be present at any and all entrances
- Walkways must have a MINIMUM of 1x1 space (plastic square) to walk accross, this space must not be reduce by props, they must be given the full space
- When building you may not have entities.
- You can have a max of 3 fading props that you can walk through.
- You may have a max of 2 fading doors on entity "boxes"
- Your keypads must be next to your door.
- No fake keypads
- Your base must be raidable by 1 playing walking (no crouching or jumping) with no bonuses.
- No Fading floors.
- "tunnels" or "kill tunnels" must be no longer than 8 units. An exact example of this would be the 1x8 prop.
- Bases must be raidable via all raiding tools, this doesn't mean you can make bases that are only raidable by methods other than those, or a combination.
- You may have a maximum of 6 90 degree turns (3 180 degree)
- No angle abuse
- All shooting holes must be big enough to fit a lampshade
- You cannot use nocolide in your base design
- No invisible props
- Fading doors can only be 1 prop, this does not include shooting windows.
- You may not build underwater
- No one way shooting
- Fallbacks for bases must be given to a player with their consent, doing it without consent may result in a warn

Mega Bases
- A mega base is 3 or more buildings (TUNNELS ARN'T BUILDINGS)
- You may mega base in apartment complexes.
- Members in the mega base must all be in the gang and !party.
- You may only build a mega base if you own all the buildings in a district.
- All gang members must base in the mega base.
- All bases in the mega based must be used. Entrances to the mega base may have a maximum 3 fading doors.
- Mega bases may block a gang flag is the flag is in their district.
- If your mega base drops below the minimum required players you will have 15 minutes to get the population back up or a staff member will remove it.
- You cant block off the corrupt banker.
- You can block off npc's.
- You may have 1 fading door per building in addition to the 3 for the megabase entrance.
- You must have two people per building you're attempting to megabase with a minimum of 6 people total
- You may not megabase directly outside of spawn

Base Rules
- You may only own one base
- You may not build in the street
- You may mega-base but you have to own all the building in the area you are claiming and you can't block off other buildings.
- Sky bases are forbidden
- You may base on Rooftops
- A rooftop is classed as a
separate base, so if you buy doors underneath a rooftop, you do not own the rooftop
- Any amount of buildings linked together would still class as a mega base
- You may kill people that walk into your property, regardless of a KOS sign, inside your property is defined as through a fading door, or a buyable door you own.
- KOS signs must be present on your base for you to kill people outside your base, reasons must be given on the sign, your KOS title must be size 40+
- You cannot KOS for all reasons, loitering, annoying (or any variation of it).

- You cannot have "once KOS always KOS" (This includes all variations, including one's that specify it for x amount of time)
- You must own all the doors in the building you are basing in.
- No completely black bases, or large amounts of just pure black props
- No trap bases

Raiding Rules
- You can raid every 5 mins, 25 for the same person
- Raids can last for up to 20 minutes
- No shooting through one-way props to kill counters
- You must raid to gain valuables inside, not just to kill the base participants, the only exception to this is raiding to kill the mayor, which is allowed.
- You cannot raid hobos
- You cannot raid a base with a building sign
- You can't build during a raid.
- You can't advert over until you are outside the base.
- You cannot repeatedly close/lock a door to prevent someone from picking it
- If you leave a base with items (such as bitminers/printers) to transport them to your base, you can't come back for more even if you killed them as you've left their base.

- You can't use health and armor vendors during a raid, no matter how close they are.
- If breaching charged you cannot close the fading door, you must wait out the breaching charges full duration, if the raid is over then you can reset them.

Kidnapping Rules 
- You can kidnap every 10 mins, 20 mins for the same person
- Hostages can be kept for up to 10 mins, they must be killed or released after this period
- You MUST kidnap at gunpoint, not a knife
- They must be rescuable through Battering rams and keypads
- You can't kidnap AFK users
- You may ask for a ransom of up to $10000000

Mugging Rules
- You may mug every 3 mins, 10 for the same person
- You must give at least 10 seconds for a player to drop their money
- You may only mug 1 person at a time
- Maximum mug amount is $30,000
- You can not mug Hobos or AFK Users
- You must mug with a gun, not a knife
- You cannot mug near spawn/at spawn
- You cannot mug dogs
- If you mug someone they can pull out a weapon and kill you.
- When mugging someone who you're not facing/doesn't know they're being mugged, you must give them ample time to respond to the mugging, killing them instantly for having a weapon, or moving is failRP

Checkpoint Rules
- You can only make checkpoints as CP (Noted in CP Rules)
- You can weapon check people passing through. 
- Checkpoints must be monitored and looked after at all times, they must not be left unless it's an emergency, if you leave the checkpoint, delete it.
- You may not charge more then 50k to get through your checkpoint

- Checkpoint's may not block any of the 3 main spawn exits. (Downtown, Residential, Beach/Park)
- You cannot completey block off a section of the map to force people to pay for your checkpoint, there must be an alternative way for people to gain entry for free
- The mayor may remove any police checkpoint at anytime no questions asked.
- Checkpoints must be enterable and exitable from both sides by everyone

Hoverboard Rules
- You may not abuse into people's bases with hoverboards, this includes both spawning it, and jumping in with it
- If you are stuck and cannot get yourself out due to the hoverboard, do not call for an admin, you must resolve the situation, either by respawning the board or suiciding.
- You may charge people to use your board
- Do not use the board to grief people (push them on purpose)
- You may KOS/AOS people who get on your board without permission, or press E while you're on it to change your model
- Staff may noclip themselves out of being stuck

                                                               =Job Rules =

Citizen Rules
- You may only own a pistol
- You may own a house
- You may not do anything that is illegal

Doge Rules
- You may own a knife to act as a bite
- You can be claimed as a pet
- You may not own a base of your own, but may base with your owner
- You may assist raids

Hobo Rules
- You are only allowed to build outside of a building
- Do not build anything massive
- You can claim pets
- You may beg for money
- No weapons other than a knife
- Whatever is built must represent that you are homeless and poor, so do NOT build mega structures in the streets
- You may not do anything illegal as a hobo
- You may not prop block areas and have people come through with keypads
- Do not prop block anywhere that people can go through, such as tunnels
- You may not use your street building ability to build on/through/around/over entities, or protect/block something that would otherwise be impossible with a different job. e.g. blocking nodes off from other players
- If building near an entity such as a gang flag or an ore node, you must give sufficient space for them to access it, if unsure ask a staff member
- You can be killed under specific rules, such as breaking someone's KoS sign, or a hitman having a hit on you etc. In these specific cases, people may use whatever means
necessary to get to you and kill you.
- You may not own fading doors or keypads

Mayor Rules
- You must not have stupid laws, if a Staff deems that it is breaking this rule, you must remove it
- Default laws are set up for a reason, you may not contradict these.
- You can enforce laws, but cannot detain, arrest or kill
- You cannot form a dictatorship
- You may build keypads/fading doors in the PD as long as they are set to "CPs Allowed"
- You can not be a part of a base
- You must not do anything illegal
- You can not own doors
- You cannot restrain/capture people as a mayor, even if they're breaking the law, that's the responsibility for CP
- You cannot make a specific job illegal
- You may not restrict player movement, such as not allowing them to walk on the road
- You may not make specific people exempt from laws
- You may not make laws that would make a player arrestable for doing nothing, such as making weapons on backs KOS (A player cannot do anything about this so it would fall under this rule)

Civil Protection Rules
- You can not be a "corrupt" cop
- You MUST enforce laws where needed
- You may build inside of the PD with keypads but you have to tell civil protection the codes.
- You may not own doors
- You may not base
- You may not do anything illegal
- You can not raid unless you are certain something is illegal
- You can not help with PD/Bank raids
- You may break NLR during PD/Bank raids
- You cannot place hits
- Hitmen placing hits is illegal, you may arrest them if they ask for hits to be placed, or you hear them talking about hits with other people, you may arrest both people involved in this instance.
- You may not arrest someone if you simply see "hit accepted" appear above a hitman's head, you must use the rule above.
- Raid timers can be broken to counter illegal activity multiple times
- Do not RRDA (Revenge Random Arrest)
- Police may assist each other in killing and arrests
- Police must go to PD when it is being raided
- No combat arresting: this is when you run into a gun fight with an arrest batton, players with weapons out commiting crimes should be treated as extremely dangerous and should be dealt with via firearms
- If someone threatens to take an action against someone, or CP you may arrest if that action involves murder, or mass destruction.
- You may bypass the rule about warning players enforcing laws IF the situation brings immediate danger to those around someone, or you yourself. For example, someone shooting at someone does not need to be warned before being arrested.

- If you witness two people shooting each other and don't know which one is doing it in self defense then you may arrest/kill both targets. However if you see which person is defending themselves it is your duty to assist the person being attacked, they must not be harmed, OR arrested. This rule does not apply to the KOS area, and all parties shooting even in self defense can be arrested/KOS due to the nature of the zone.
- If a player owns a weapon license, they may have their weapon drawn in public. As long as they don't hit anyone, or commit a crime they are not a target for arrest UNLESS the mayor specifies otherwise. If they do NOT own a license then shooting in public is considered an immediate threat and is AOS.
- Gang activity is illegal, capturing a gang flag is seen as an AOS/KOS offense, the same for gang wars.
- You may not arrest someone for having a weapon on their back

- When possible medics must remain grouped with other officers as they shouldn't be acting alone (Running off to do NPC quests is fine)
- Medics cannot raid alone and must do so with other officers
- Medics may stop crimes and must follow all other CP rules

Hazmat Team Rules
- ALL CP rules apply but their main priority is to be in the sewers fighting abominations, if there are already CP doing their jobs up top then you should be in the sewers either waiting for abominations, or actively fighting them.
 -DO NOT abuse your proxy mines if you have access to them, doing so will result in an instant warn and maybe a ban depending on the severity.
- DO NOT abuse the shield in anyway, it must only be used to defend yourself against abominations or other threats, abuse will result in an instant warn.
- Hazmat team may break NLR to fight abominations

Gun Dealer Rules
- You may self-supply an SMG or a Pistol
- You may Self-supply anything if you are the only Gun dealer online
- You MUST have a store in order to sell weaponry
- You may hire a security guard
- You can own printers
- No scamming

- You cannot steal
- You cannot raid, mug or kidnap
- There are no limits to the profits you can make from selling you wares

- You cannot kill people inside your public store unless they commit a hostile act, such as equipping a weapon, or raiding. Or if you warn them and they do not comply

Hitman/Assassin Rules

- You cannnot base/create a base but you may make a store for your services
- You can not do anything illegal other than kill your hit
- You do not have to announce kidnaps if the target is your hit
- Do not farm hits on your friends for xp

Guard Rules
- You may not do anything illegal.
- You cannot own printers or bitminers.
- You can charge upto 100k per hour.

Miner Rules
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal
- You may build in the street in the INDUSTRIAL area ONLY when all of the regulard buildings are taken
- You cannot block off ore nodes, and must keep your building to inside your base, you cannot block off mine entrances either.

Bit Miner Rules
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

Parkour Rules
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal
- Do not randomly hit people

Fuel Refiner
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal
- You may build around your equipment to protect it, but you can only use 1 fading door to protect it, and the base you build may not be massive.

Fruit Slicer
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

- You must have a public shop if you are making/have stock

Pizza Maker
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

Meth Cook
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

Moonshiner/Distiller Rules
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

Weed Job Rules
- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

Trashman Job Rules

- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

Bitminer Job Rules

- You cannot use the radioactive generator in base defence.

Kevlar Dealer Rules

- You cannot mug.
- You cannot raid.
- You cannot kidnap.
- You cannot steal

- You must own a shop to create kevlar, you must not have it only for friends/gangs/parties etc, players must be able to buy from your supply/stock

Abomination Rules
- Your job as an abomination is to be as intimidating and scary as possible, your building and RP must reflect that
- You may not use keypads, but you can build to reflect the abomination/horror element of your RP
- You can KoS anyone in the sewers and anyone may KoS you
- You cannot KoS on the surface nor can you go up to the surface (In the biohazard event this will change)
- You may not use guns, your weapon is provided with the swep (You can use any melee weapon if you want)
- You may not own entities/money making objects (your job is entirely RP based with no way to earn money)
- Abominations may not kill each other for any reason (similar to a zombie hive-mind)
- Abominations have no NLR
- Abominations may not enter events (Biohazard excluded), or participate in !pvp

0 Day Network Rules
- To take a package from someone you must advert steal, even if you're tracking them. This does NOT apply to CP
- People who are carrying packages only have to advert warn once before they can kill a person near them who won't go away
- Hoverboard usage is not allowed while carrying or tracking packages, any bypasses are against the rules

                                                        =Other Rules=

- If you are banned, you may appeal on the forums
- ALL Cheaters will be dealt with strictly, we do not allow cheaters.
- DDOS Threats/Doxing Threats will result in a ban. Doing this actions will lead 
in a Community Ban
- Assisting CBanned players onto the server may result in you getting 
CBanned (Alting ect)